Exchange of ideas, exchange of needs, wants and desires....all in one place on as simple forms as possible.

Broker Price Opinions generally offer the end user the opportunity to understand "What is the value of something?"

This "something" for our purposes is real estate property and may include movables and immovables with a bundle of rights to these within a specific timeframe.

Our formulas to understanding value follow a precise process defined by:

1) Actual SOLDS - properties similar to the subject property (such as yours) that sold within a specific timeframe.

2) Properties currently on the market in your market.

3) Time to sell places in #1 and #2.

  • We complement, reinforce and validate the specifics to price, terms and conditions as it pertains to what information you are looking for.
  • Sometimes someone wants to refinance a building..we have to consider the buildings current condition and how that will effect the banks view of value.
  • Other times there are parties / stakeholders to the property that are out of town or out of the country who need a concise overview of the region, then a closer view to gain a quick understanding of the environment...sometimes for a commercial perspective / sometimes from a residential / residential investor perspective.

Managing change / regaining control

When people are facing change that may appear to be out of control, we use our BPO process to help clients gain control of part of the situation, empowering them to make a decision with less emotional attachment to people or places.  These situations include:
  1. Bankruptcy.
  2. Divorce.
  3. Death in family.
  4. Death of a business partner.
  5. Death of a business.
  6. Pre-foreclosure.
  7. Refinance issues
  8. City property taxes where City value basis is more than actual values.
  9. Liens, fines and / or foreclosure from local, state or federal agencies.
  10. Rapid expansion or opportunity to grow a real estate portfolio requiring liquidating or purchasing multiple property types in a limited amount of time.
Clients get nationally recognized reporting means and methods specifically tailored to their needs.